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TRUXOR® USA is headquartered in the Delavan, Wisconsin and is a US based Sales Agent for Dorotea Mekaniska AB the manufacturer of the TRUXOR® amphibious machines and tools. TRUXOR® USA is a division of HOCKNEY Underwater Weed Cutters, Inc. that has been a leader in manufacturing aquatic machinery and equipment since 1903.

In 2007 The Hockney Company expanded operations by entering an agreement with Dorotea Mekaniska AB and became the first U.S. based sales agent and retail dealer for the TRUXOR® Amphibious Machines and Tools. The agreement lead to the forming of the TRUXOR® USA division of the Hockney Company and the sales and importation of the first TRUXOR® amphibious machines and tools into the United States marketplace. TRUXOR® USA continues to develop TRUXOR® sales and service in the United States with an expert understanding of the TRUXOR® uses and applications focused in controlling aquatic weeds. 

Today, both the TRUXOR® Amphibious Machines and the Hockney Underwater Weedcutters are used around the world to keep waterways clear of excessive or unsightly weedgrowth. It is simplicity in motion, an environmentally safe and efficient method for controlling aquatic weeds without chemicals and without fouling the waters it's designed to enhance.

is a US based retail dealer for the TRUXOR® multi-functional amphibian machines and tools. The TRUXOR® is an extremely versatile
machine which can be readily converted to work as an aquatic weed cutter, harvester, trash collector, excavator, dredger, and oil spill clean up machine and can be easily transported for use in a wide variety of wetland environments including canals, rivers and lakes, swamps, bayous, golf courses, marshlands, everglades, bogs, and nature reserves to name a few.

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